Supply Chain Solutions and logistics

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Ascent understands that it is key to be able to adapt to the needs of  customers across all industries.  Ascent is committed to fully understanding these needs.

Ascent’s mandate is to deliver exceptional, cost effective, and safe solutions to meet our customer’s needs.  This is without compromise for Ascent.

Ascent also understands the need to be dynamic and solutions oriented which is why we offer a variety of value-added supply chain solutions and logistics to complement its customers:

  • Permitting expertise including cross border
  • Rigging Rentals including spreader bars and man baskets
  • Mat rentals including steel and access mats
  • Pipe and equipment logistics including storage solutions
  • Conveyor systems used to be able to unload or load trailers and storage bins
  • Light pole rentals
  • Generator rentals
  • Forklift and loader rentals
  • Skid Steer rentals