rail maintenance services

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Ascent is eRailSafe Certified and is experienced to work on or about railways safely.

Ascent understands the dynamic needs of the railroad and understands the requirement to be adaptable and responsive to last minute changes and requests. Ascent’s team can respond to the needs at short notice.

Ascent has the equipment and experience required for derailment clean up including the disposal of equipment and materials.

Ascent has extensive experience in the transportation and mobilization of work gangs.  Ascent equipment is capable of transporting all necessary equipment and materials including rail vehicles.

Ascent has worked on major and minor construction projects including crossing and bridge rehabilitation, mainline and terminal track maintenance and new builds.

Ascent equipment is capable of supporting remote rail car maintenance needs including minor and heavy duty repairs.

Anytime is train time and Ascent is committed to work safely and diligently on or about all rail lines and moving equipment.  Ascent’s occupational health and safety team will perform regular site visits to audit and validate Ascent employees and procedures.