Heavy Hauling Camrose

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Conveniently located in central Alberta, Camrose is an excellent home base for Ascent Transport and our flagship location.

With one of Alberta’s busiest roadways, Highway 13, running directly through the city, Camrose is highly accessible and therefore ideal for our heavy equipment moving business.

Being primarily located in Camrose allows our heavy haul drivers to connect with all major roadways, providing more route options and reduced travel times.

And since it is our absolute highest priority to move your heavy equipment from one location to the next in a safe, efficient, and timely manner, being centrally located in our province is a major advantage.


Look no further.

At Ascent Transport, our construction equipment movers are always ready to pick up, haul, off-load, and even place your equipment at your new job site (if granted access).

And since all of our movers are certified, trained, and capable of meeting all safety requirements, you benefit from a smooth, hands-off hauling process unlike any other.

Whether you are looking for rig moving in Camrose or beyond, we have the expertise and the manpower to complete your project.


We have that, too.

Our fleet of cranes, pickers, boom trucks, and truck decks in Camrose are maintained diligently, and come in multiple sizes to meet your unique needs.
Plus, we employ a team of qualified, practiced journeyman operators, so you can be sure your job is in capable hands.

But that’s not all. Our heavy equipment rentals are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easier to find the machinery you need in a moment’s notice.

We encourage you to browse through our website and take a look at the comprehensive selection of equipment we offer. And, of course, we invite you to give us a call for a FREE specialized quote.

Discover what makes us the “LOCAL, RELIABLE, AND PROVEN” choice for heavy equipment in Camrose!


Ascent Transport has a wide range of construction, hauling and heavy equipment machines in our fleet? Our expansive selection of heavy equipment allows us to work with multiple clients, on multiple projects, at once. It’s one of the many advantages of hiring us to handle your heavy equipment needs!


No one knows how important it is to keep equipment operating at their most efficient levels like our team of dedicated operators, drivers, and industry professionals.

That’s why we are always proactive when it comes to extending the service life of our equipment, and ensuring our machines are reliable at all times. We adhere to all factory recommended maintenance intervals, and we are always precise when it comes to documenting the service history of our fleet.

Additionally, Ascent Transport is a member of the Alberta Motor Transport Association as well as the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and we are even e-RAILSAFE certified to work with track lifts and other railway needs.

Do you have any safety-related questions or concerns? Give us a call today. One of our service agents would be happy to discuss our policies and procedures with you