Alberta Oilfield Equipment Hauling Experts.

For over 20 years, Ascent Transport founder Ryan Crozier has been helping Alberta oilfield companies with moving rigs, hauling tankers and transporting other heavy equipment across Alberta and all of Canada. With all that experience, he was able to uncover a flaw in the old system. The big transport companies were weighed down by their own size, producing slower than necessary response times and not being able react quickly to the unique, individual needs of their clients.


Fully Certified

At Ascent Transportation, we know it isn’t enough just to respond quickly and professionally. You need to work safely and reliable, with all the credentials and qualifications. That’s why we’re fully certified, including COR Alberta, and are listed with all the major compliance networks, including ISNetworld and ComplyWorks. We operate a government-approved commercial vehicle inspection facility, and have the impeccable safety record to back it up. That’s how Ascent Transport has grown to become one of the most trusted transport and lift service providers for Western Canadian energy.

Raising the Bar

That’s why, in 2014, Ryan struck out on his own and formed Ascent Transport. Drawing on his years of experience and industry connections, he put together a group of highly-talented industry veterans capable of responding quickly to the ever-changing needs of the Alberta oil industry. With full mechanical services and a fleet of specialized equipment, our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient rig moving experience possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond nimble, and provide service tailored to our customers unique needs.